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April 27, 2010
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Nalahwyn by cubehero Nalahwyn by cubehero
So I tried a bit of a departure from the usual fan art and tried to come up with 5 characters of my own without reference, here is the result:

- Nalahwyn (healer)

Since Nalah was very sickly and frail in her youth, she was excluded from most of the activities of her elvish commune and had few friends. This sickness and the seclusion it brought her made Nalah decide to learn the art of healing, for which she had ample time. As she grew in her studies, she found that she actually greatly enjoyed the company of others, of which she had plenty while she became
more important as a mender of the aches of body and soul. Helping and healing others is one of the few things that brings a warm smile to her often tired and sad countenance. Although she never fully managed to cure her malady, she did much lessen its effects. Still, she is physically frail and needs protection in battle. Nalah more than makes up for this deficit outside of melees with her wit, knowledge and healing prowess. Because most people find it hard to dislike her, she often also serves as a mediator for conflicts within groups. Nalahwyn mostly adventures to help others and try to find a way to completely cure her illness.
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